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Prakruthi- +91 94820 75559

About Us

We're a group of innovative enthusiasts, encouraging to create new ideas which can boost innovation.Always on the go for development of unique projects in the hopes of building an eco system to simulate high productivity. Always passionate about simplifying and improving designs to create an efficient platform that can perform any given tasks to the maximum potential.

"Technology to make life simple and easy"-is the motto we always strive for. We promote the use of Technology to the best of ability to make innovative products. Deploying technology to solve the problems in practicality is what we specialize in.


Some Frequently Asked Questions to give a better understanding about the event

  • Innovathon is a 5-days event where over 100 teams from all over the state will participate. The team will get a real-life problem. The team will have to come up with a solution that is practical, efficient, and innovative. The solution must involve Computer Science, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering as its foundation.

  • Innovathon will be held from 21st June to 26th June in JSSSTU, SJCE campus!

  • 3 members in a team!

  • At the end of the event you'll earn a certificate, cash prize upto 25k, and a chance of getting yourself a grant for you idea! If not anything you'll build connections with innovators from all over the state. We don't have any prerequisites for this event, you're taught everything you need to know.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Innovathon, you will be able to:

Internet of Things

Dive deep into IoT and its applications with improvised devices using AI and ML

Design thinking

Learn and apply the revolutionary design thinking process that guides you to build a successful product.

Tinkering and Soldering

Get your hands dirty with drilling ,cutting,soldering and other hands on skills that makes your CV Stand out

PCB design

Design layouts test components and build a pcb board from scratch.

Product design

Get a grip on softwares like CAD and learn mechanical designing

Grand Challenge

You'll be designing a final module implementing the skills learnt to create a self designed module.

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